"Sponsor Retina Surgery"

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of permanent blindness. According to WHO Vision Report published in 2019 there are about 146 million people in the world who suffer from some level of diabetic retinopathy. Diagnosing and treating this condition in early stages is extremely important to prevent permanent loss of vision. The incidence of diabetes is increasing and there is a significant shift in prevalence of diabetes towards developing nations. It is now an epidemic in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Not only that we have more patients with blinding diabetic retinopathy in developing nations, access and affordability to eye care is equally a challenge in these countries. The foundation, in cooperation with BCVI, are finding ways to leverage the on-ground optometrists. These optometrists diagnose diabetic retinopathy, allowing limited ophthalmologists resources to provide necessary treatments. Furthermore, we believe once matured, AI based diabetic retinopathy screening programs will be game changer in managing this disease.

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