Donate Used Glasses Campaign

Join Us: Donate Used Glasses Campaign

It must sound like a mundane task to decorate cardboard boxes and place them in schools or eye doctor offices to collect used glasses. Imagine a world where close to a billion people are visually impaired due to lack of glasses. Doesn’t sound boring any more. It is surreal to see the effect of used pair glasses on a child who could see clearly to read for the first time in a long time or a grandmother who was able to see her grand baby clearly. In developing countries a pair of glasses cost anywhere from $20 to $30, and hundreds of millions of people have no access to them. In United States many of us have a vision plan as part of our insurance that allows us a new pair of glasses every year, it is not uncommon to see people buying new glasses even when previous pair is still working well. Creating a nationwide program to collect these glasses will make unfathomable difference in many lives across the world.