“Inaugural Vision Gala 2020”


We had an amazing evening celebrating our inaugural Vision Gala 2020 hosted by Adarsh Charitable Foundation, bringing awareness to preventable Vision Impairment. It is hard to believe that an idea conceived just two and a half months ago, came to a beautiful, elegant and inspiring reality on February 1st, 2020. The Gala was attended by over 250 people. We had the honor of having the Former Prime Minister Mr. Said Musa and Former First Lady Joan Musa in the audience.

The venue, the music, the ballet performances, the dinner was amazing. God was smiling and provided us with great weather on a February night. But without all of you, our guests none of that would have mattered. It is truly humbling to see all the support. Adarsh Charitable Foundation represents every one of you. None of this has been possible without the support of all the people in our lives: our family, our friends and all our cheerleaders. Don’t underestimate the power of your encouragement. We appreciate your support. Together we will make a difference.