“A Step Closer”

December 6th 2019 was a monumental day in the short life of Adarsh Charitable Foundation. We have taken the first step towards making our mission statement come to life: “cost effective sustainable solutions to alleviate preventable blindness, providing equal opportunities to all.” That vision will become reality only if we are able to train and retain locals to serve their respective communities. To that end we have sponsored our first three scholarships effective January 1, 2020. Jahira and Daniel will be heading to Guatemala for two and half years to train in optometry. The tuition fee, room and board for the duration will be provided by scholarships from Adarsh Charitable foundation. Norma will be heading to Costa Rica for medical school and subsequently residency in ophthalmology. We are grateful for the opportunity to help these young promising students who are willing to travel abroad to learn and then return to serve their community. We are hoping that we could offer these scholarships on ongoing basis to ensure continuous eye-care services in remote areas of developing countries. We thank you for your support and commitment towards this noble effort. We are excited to implement similar model in Peten, Guatemala soon with your generous donations and help of our dear friend Dr. Edgar Ogaldez in Guatemala.

Here are some photos from the signing ceremony held at BCVI clinic in Belize City.